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Investing in lighting pays off. Good, interference-free lighting is a prerequisite for a pleasant and healthy working environment. It also makes an important contribution to the image and identity of a company, institution or school. For companies good and trouble-free lighting can even sort revenues increasing effect. And did you know that your organization can save 30 to 70 percent on energy bills by switching to renewable and energy efficient lighting?

The use of high frequency or LED light saves energy and reduces CO₂ emissions. It also provides a higher light output (lux) at the same or even lower wattage. Because of the many demands in the field of engineering, environment, costs, management and design, the installation and maintenance of business lighting demands a company that knows what to do by experience.
Pre-Lite takes it off your hands with a broad supply and services consisting of:
  • A-quality lights
  • Expert advice
  • Light Calculations
  • Environmentally responsible disposal